The most common cause of fever - a viral infection.


Most ofttimes, even earlier the exterior of outward symptoms (eg fever or cough), my mom was already a mount of the virus, which means that a baby has been exposed to the possibility of infection. When the body is faced with any infection, it starts the process of antibody production. These antibodies into the aging body of the child done breast natural milk. You will help your newborn not to have sick or to transfer the disease are relatively mild.

However for temperature, it is a kind of organic defenses against infection. During a illness of the hypothalamus increases a aging body temperature how that the body may produce substances it demands to combat a disease.

In turn, a rapid weaning is due to raise a temperature can be quite traumatic for a hygiene of both mom and child. Mom can swell a chest that in itself increases a likelihood of mastitis. Читать полностью -->



There is a simple universal technique for promoting a evolution of pupil's lustiness - is adherence to the day. It is a sufficient amount of sleep and the need to walk outside. A dream is nothing to add to, talk about the size of it all: teachers, moms and dads, a leading television programs. However for walking, so, for any reason, we possess not decided to let infants go out after dinner. It is believed that at this time it's time to homework. Air pollution, noise in a street, unfavorable company, unavailability of a child immediately of the a walk taken for homework - all compelling, but only moms and dads invented arguments. Читать полностью -->

Moms share your experience: a bag to a hospital


For the newborn

You may have collected 2 sets of items: for the child in a hospital and at discharge. If a 1-st set up then you will want a same time however the above things, a other - you can convey a husband or mother on the time of discharge. Toddler dressed in fine clothes once earlier you are discharged with a hospital. By the method, to a like place earlier and the clothes in which you are going to leave a hospital and receive congratulations husband and relatives.

How, what is good baby in the hospital:

• Set of clothes (depending on time of year) or aging body vests, diapers, socks, "antitsarapki" duo bonnets first sizing.

• Diaper least 4 pieces: 2 cotton flannel and 2 sizes 60x90, in a lot of hospitals you are.

• Child diapers for children (2 to 5 kilogram), 20-25 items.

• Cotton swabs with stop and cotton pads.

• Special scissors for nail.

Prepare a body to extract / jumpsuit, hat / cap and envelope (winter / summer version, look for the weather).

We listed all a items that are most likely to be valuable in a hospital, based on a comments in our mothers collecting experience. As, we can not fail to mention some of a other tips that can be useful in preparing expectant mums for childbirth.

Cream for stretch marks will help a face to return to its former state, will dish up as prevention of unpleasant consequences of pregnancy. The general thing is to find the time for it at a hospital.

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Treatment of Clubfoot


Clubfoot Treatment must begin however soon however possible after birthday, so stop to grow properly and may carry loads that are sufficient for walking, jumping and any other activity.

Traditional treatments incorporate fixation of foot plasters, tires, so well however surgery. At a first appointment the medic hands gives a child's foot position brings it to a right, then records the plaster or splints. In this position, a stop is next to the reception, which is prescribed in 1-2 weeks. So retentive bandage is removed, a foot is recovering a bit and fixed again.

The average treatment takes with 2 to 4 months, at each visit stop getting closer to its normal position. At the end of a tire used to prevent recurrence.

Unluckily, quite often by foot "refuses" to pick up the right position, so you keep to resort to surgery. A operation gives a rule configuration of a child's foot, but future stop is more rigid and harder than rule, weaker and frequently hurts.

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Recipes with buckwheat


Buckwheat, curds souffle

500 grams of cottage cheese,

200 g of buckwheat,

4 cups of natural milk,

200 g the butter,

3 egg

Half a cup of saccharose,

Saline to tasting.

Wipe a curds in a blender, mash with a spoon buckwheat and sifted through a sieve. Natural milk to seethe. Absorb a buckwheat floury in a milk, add to the a butter. Until a resulting mixing is languishing, separate yolks from whites. Combine a cooled mass with grated cheese, egg yolks and saccharose and blend good. Chilled whites beaten with sol and evenly pour them into the chief cottage cheese and buckwheat mixing. Читать полностью -->

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